Member Units

Nanjing PRIDe system engineering institute

PRIDe Technology Group is a technology industry platform that established and hold by No. 724 research institute of China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation. As a smart electronic defense equipment service provider, No. 724 research institute provides a profound scientific research and technology accumulation for PRIDe. 

CSIC PRIDe Nanjing Atmospheric Ocean Information System Co., Ltd

CSIC PRIDe (Nanjing) Atmospheric Ocean Information System Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary of the Scientific Technology Industry Group - PRIDe Technology Group, which is established by No. 724 Research Institute of China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation. It is a high-tech enterprise with excellent technology advantages and R & D Conditions. 

CSIC PRIDe Nanjing New Energy Technology Co., Ltd

PRIDe new energy company, is a high-tech enterprise specialized in power electronics technology application. There are two business units of power quality and power supply under the jurisdiction of PRIDe new energy company, Professional in intelligent power generation system, power quality , photovoltaic system, military special power and other new energy equipment solutions, research & development, and design.