Platform Introduction

PRIDe Electronics, belongs to the technology Industrialization Company-Pride Technology Group, which is Subsidiary of China Shipbuilding Industry Company No.724 institute. It is military to public emerging industries that based on national defense intelligence electronic of 724 institute. It is made up of integrated high-quality industrial resources and business blocks;  Under the guidance of side structural reform and military & civilian integration national strategy , based on smart electronic information industry, PRIDe Electronics adhere to the operating mode of "platform + industry", give priority to the development of civilian products and military & civilian combined product. Thus build 4 emerging industry block with regarding "smart ocean" as the leading power, "smart maritime", "smart weather", "smart grid" as the support. Moreover, PRIDe Electronics obtained a number of national awards with more than 100 patents and software copyright in ship traffic management, maritime regulatory platform, marine fisheries radar supervision, atmospheric and marine information system integration and stands in the leading rank in domestic market.