Company Culture

Core value: human-oriented, create value, share achievements, and common development

We treat "human-oriented" as the basis of corporate culture and beginning consideration, the four contents of each other complemented alternately, form a harmonious organic entirety. The specific items Including: the harmony between enterprises and society , the harmony between enterprises and staff, the harmony between enterprises and customers, the harmony between enterprises and suppliers , and the harmony between staff to staff, the harmony of staff’s career development、income and life. We focus on creating a living conditions with sense of dignity, sense of accomplishment, positive and progressive, optimistic and enterprising, enterprise development and staff development unified. At the same time , create "happiness" culture.

Business philosophy: create competitive products, make main business strong

It is the foundation to create competitive products, and developing route to make main business strong. Creating competitive products, only in this way can we be competitive and provide satisfactory products to the users, and obtain our customers. Making main business strong, only in this way can we have discourse power in the market, and achieve better efficiency. We adhere to take the leading position in technology and quality, consider customer firstly, integrity management, create top-class products and make it stronger, always be brave to persue the champion of local industry, repay the society with competitive products and good service, and achieve win-win situation with  customers.

Company tenet: pursuit of efficiency, advocating credibility, focus on innovation, and promote dedication, "PRIDe"

PRIDe:pursuit of efficiency, advocating credibility, focus on innovation, and promote dedication

· Profit  =Economic benefits

· Reputation =Excellent quality & family service

· Innovation  =Technology Innovation & Mechanism Innovation

· Dedication  =Social benefits

Company spirit: Extreme Sincerity and trust, innovation and enterprising

Quality policy : advanced and beyond, high quality and efficiency, integrity services, continuous improvement

Development vision: farther, more precise, willing to change, create new, become Chinese top - class electronic information technology industry with technology advanced equipment and systems integration service supplier.