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DETECTOR 724 series monitoring radar
  • DETECTOR 724 series monitoring radar

    DETECTOR 724 series monitoring radar

    DETECTOR 724 series radar is an X-band 2D all-phase pulse compression radar based on nitride-based (GaN) solid-state transmitter. The radar is developed based on years of mature radar processing technology. At the same time the radar sensor uses a standard common processing platform to ensure reliable detection performance and adaptive clutter processing. The outdoor transceiver is suitable to install in an open-air environment near the upper mast of the antenna, which minimizes the waveguide losses between the antenna and the transceiver, resulting in better performance compared to conventional primary sensors based on magnetrons.

    Main Features

    Reliable quality, durable

    Meet the requirements of professional VTS applications High resolution

    Main Function


    Frequency band: 9.3-9.5 GHz RF peak / average: 80 W / 16 W

    Maximum Duty Cycle: 20% Max Same: 50% Linear FM Pulse Repetition Frequency - CRF: 1-20 kHz Subband: Up to 6

    Sector Transmit: Silent launch or low power transmission (up to 16 sectors)


    Type: Superheterodyne Sampling: 12 bits @ 200 MHz

    Instantaneous dynamic range:> 60 dB Dynamic range including processing:> 100 dB      Noise figure - Low noise front end - LNFE 2.5 dB (typical)

Serialized shore-based radar
  • XFR series conventional regulation shore-based radar

    XFR series conventional regulation shore-based radar

    PRIDe XFR series of solid-state shore-based monitoring radar is mainly used for the detection of surface targets. Radar use the all-phase system and pulse compression technology, can simultaneously improve the radar distance and distance resolution, and reduce the electromagnetic emission intensity, reduce the impact of electromagnetic radiation on the environment.

    Radar Features

    High resolution:The measurement accuracy of the marine environment and sea targets have been greatly improved.

    High sensitivity:We improve the weak echo detection capability, weak target detection, identification tracking ability.

    High reliability:Radar in the harsh environment can do long-term , stable work.

    Multifunction:Equipment has a variety of uses and improve the cost-efficacy cost is relatively high.

    Longevity: Solid-state radar without magnetron. This feature greatly extends the radar life.

    Main Specifications