Systems and Solutions
Integrated monitoring system for three - dimensional marine environment

  The comprehensive monitoring system of three-dimensional marine environment is based on the detection and detection of information, and is based on the communication network as the link, with the information fusion management as the support, with the technical standards, regulations, databases, information security as the guarantee, to meet the " Safety, security and other requirements, to achieve three-dimensional marine environment comprehensive observation information "all discovered", "all recognition", "all reported" for the military, marine, meteorological, transportation, maritime, energy and other industries to provide Service and technical support.

PRIDe CSS 1000

  PRIDe CSS 1000 consists of command center, ship traffic management system (VTS), underwater sound warning system, coastal observation station, training center, maintenance center, communication system and some auxiliary systems, to achieve the three integrated monitoring of the coastline.

  PRIDe CSS 1000 is mainly used in coastal security, fortress defense and other fields, for the safety of the sea, information management to provide system-wide solutions.

Implementation function:
·  Detection, identification, classification of water targets and air targets, control of ship status and anti-ship missile status,

   alarm, information exchange and target instructions;

·  Uninterrupted observation, day and night detection, exchange information with naval command center and each base command post, and 

   carry out target instruction to shore-based firepower unit;

·  The detection of waters near the harbor, the establishment of exchange of information and direction at the coast and economic zones;

·  Regulating maritime traffic, preventing collisions and polluting risks;

·  Exploration and rescue operations;

·  Anti-sea pollution activities (operations);

·  Activities to prevent damage to the national economy;

·  Real-time automatic processing of data, analysis of the situation;

·  Track the detected target;

·  Transfer the target instruction data to a combat center or other combat unit;

·  Simulation training (training and exercises)

PRIDe MAS 1000

  PRIDe MAS 1000 is mainly used in maritime anti-smuggling management, in order to regulate maritime smuggling, illegal access to provide system-wide solutions.

  PRIDe MAS 1000 through all-digital technology to deal with radar, AIS, VHF, CCTV, GPS and meteorological hydrological and other information to achieve all-weather monitoring coverage area targets, when unknown targets issued an alarm for the attendant reference to provide the most Optimized search strategy.

Offshore oil platform safety monitoring system

  Offshore oil platform safety monitoring system is facing the sea oil industry, for offshore oil platform for monitoring and protection of the integrated regulatory platform. The system can display real-time oil platform protection zone and its surrounding all ship dynamic, to achieve the platform collision avoidance and security。


Implementation function

· Electronic chart display and plotting

· Ship dynamic display and query

· Ship abnormal monitoring and alarm

· Emergency Command

· Accident

The monitoring system of the fishery comprehensive supervision and management


The monitoring system of waters comprehensive information for the construction of the fishery comprehensive supervision and management of the platform as the core. In all solid state radar subsystem, infrared thermal imaging and visible double video monitoring subsystem, unmanned machine system for support. Achieve the elements of information collection and resource management in the target waters. The system uses modular and redundant design, with the ability to expand the system function

System through modern technical equipment and systems. Improve the efficiency and effectiveness of management and law enforcement, reduce the cost of law enforcement. At the same time, the information supervision means of reasonable and science, can expand the fishery management way, help the water ecological environment and sustainable development, and can provide decision support for water resources management.


Radar subsystem to obtain the ship target which is active detection and located

Infrared thermal imaging and visible photon system to monitor the waters 24 hours a day, the ship dynamic monitoring, capture evidence and linkage tracking

UAV system to complement the field monitoring and forensic evidence of fixed monitoring facilities

Integrate all solid-state radar signals, video signals fusion display, ship’s dynamic monitoring, safety inspection, search and rescue command, fishery and regulation, statistical analysis, electronic cruise and environmental measurement, and so on.

Technical indicators

Visual monitoring distance: ≥3km; 

System warning distance: ≥10 km;

Target measurement error: ≥10 m;

Target information processing capacity: ≥100 batch;

Radar equipment maximum access: ≤10;

System response time: ≤1 s;

System framework 

The main functional modular diagram

Product display

Chart interface and zoom view

The system main interface (including camera control, radar control, functional navigation)

The function of search and rescue command

The statistical analysis function of wave information

The statistical analysis function of regional alarm

Video playback function

Equipment composition

Multi-function radar, unmanned aerial vehicle, the infrared thermal imaging and visible light double video equipment

Customer case

The system has been running nearly two years in Hongze Lake area, during running in good condition. The practical application of Radar video surveillance alarm, data analysis and other functions has been unanimously approved by the Hongze Lake Fisheries Association. The failure rate is basically zero.