Serialized target detection radar
  • XFR series conventional regulation shore-based radar

    XFR series conventional regulation shore-based radar

    PRIDe XFR series conventional regulation shore-based radar is water regulation radar which has high reliability and superior performance. This radar put magnetron as the core radar transmitter,involved in our institude technological innovation in the field of computer, software, etc. So it can make great performance  in its tiny target , clutter suppression, observation, azimuth and range resolution, etc. 

    Radar features:

    Powerful: High voltage module with stable performance.

    Inexpensive: Using good frequency stability of the magnetron.

    Multi-mode: According to the target distance of the distance, rain and snow weather conditions set different firing frequency and pulse wid.

    Main Specifications

Serialized ocean state radar
  • XFR724 all solid-state high-resolution marine measurement radar

    XFR724 all solid-state high-resolution marine measurement radar

    Product Description

    XFR724 all solid-state high-resolution marine measurement radar is a type of full-phase system and pulse compression technology, with high resolution and high reliability X-band new radar products. The radar has many functions such as low speed target detection, low altitude and high speed target detection, wave current measurement, sea ice monitoring, oil spill monitoring and atmospheric waveguide measurement. It can be widely used in ship navigation, ship traffic management (VTS), coastal surveillance service (CSS), weather, ocean, oil, transportation and other industry systems.

    The Main Function

    · Control and monitoring of ship traffic

    · Surface monitoring

    Search and Rescue

    · Sea surface ice measurement and prediction

    · Sea oil spill monitoring and warning

    · Ocean dynamic environmental information measurement

    Main Feature

    (1) frequency diversity technology, high resolution, blind area smaller;

    (2) all the coherent system, detection ability stronger;

    (3) the most advanced solid state power amplifier module;

    (4) general signal board, stable performance, high integration;

  • OS071X marine dynamic environmental measurement radar

    OS071X marine dynamic environmental measurement radar

    Product Introduction

    OS071X radar is based on the use of advanced radar technology, the use of advanced digital technology and algorithm signal processing technology developed by the sea environment detection and maritime target detection dual function of the new radar. In the regional ocean monitoring technology and wave buoy, flow meter and high frequency ground wave radar and other wave monitoring equipment complement each other to provide a few miles within the waves and currents and other marine dynamic environmental information; also has a target detection and navigation function , As well as multi-batch target tracking, recording and proximity alarm functions.

    OS071X wave radar is the company and the China Ocean University jointly assume the national "863" project major project "regional marine monitoring system technology" important technical achievements, to fill the gaps, since the beginning of the fifteen, successively in Qingdao wheat Island sea area, the South China Sea, the western Pacific Ocean, Dalian Zhangzidao waters, Longkou 屺 Island waters, Wenzhou Dongtou waters, Taizhou Dajing Island waters, Jiangsu coastal waters conducted a number of tests, the total length of nearly 1,000 days, The test effectively verifies the stability and reliability of the system. Can be widely used in marine hydrological stations, port terminals, offshore platforms, coastal shelters and other places.

    Technical Characteristics

    · Unique universal radar signal acquisition and processing technology (patented technology);

    · Exclusive radar operating parameters and status control (local or remote) functions;

    Single window control software interface, easy to operate;

    · Ocean dynamic environment, sea target, multi-function measurement of floating surface of the sea.

    System Composition

  • 724HFR bi-frequency multi-functional ground wave radar

    724HFR bi-frequency multi-functional ground wave radar

    724HFR bi-frequency multi-functional ground wave radar is an all-digital high-frequency ground wave radar  developed by ourselves. According to the accumulated technical characteristics, greatest use digital technology and software radio technology, currently it is international first digital high frequency ground wave radar, reached the international and domestic leading level. The main function of digital high frequency ground wave radar is to detect the environmental information such as wind, wave and flow. It can be widely used in military, marine, meteorological and resource development fields. It is of great significance  disaster prevention and mitigation.

  • OS081H Novel generation digitalized HF ground wave radar

    OS081H Novel generation digitalized HF ground wave radar

    1、Power dissipation

    220VAC±10%,50Hz,system power dissipation less than 500W

    2、Continuous working time

    24hrs continuous operation

    3、Environmental adaptation: Work temperature

    outdoor part : -40℃~+60℃; indoor part: -10℃~+55℃;Storage temperature:-40℃~+70℃

    4、Reliable and Maintainable

    MTBF≥10000h,support unattended operation;

    MTTR≤0.5h,support long distance checkout, setup and matching.

    System Assessments

    OS081H is composed of two radar stations and one center station. Each of them is contributed of transmitters, transmission antenna and its feeding line, receiving antenna and its feeding line, Receiver, terminal computer and terminal software, which is shown in Fig.4.


    Fig. 1 Diagram of OS081H HF Ground Wave Radar

    OS081H Radar indoor equipment

    Fig. 2 OS081H Radar indoor equipment

    Product package

    Technique support and service

    1、Technique support(only for China mainland)

    . Free operation teaching for operator;

    . Free technique inquiry and equipment maintains;

    Free update of the system and application software for the first three times.

    2、Maintenance(only for China mainland)

    . 1 year free service in door;

    . The price of service after the first year is only the cost of the corresponding service;

    . The failure will be answered in 12 hours and solved in 24 hours.

    3、Service telephone

    . Technique support:(86)025-68626009;

    . If the above number is changed, we will contact you.

Marine hydrological instruments
  • DJQ-1 ship meteorological instrument

    DJQ-1 ship meteorological instrument

    DJQ-1 ship meteorological instrument is a kind of intelligent instrument which can be used to observe the ocean meteorological parameters such as wind speed, wind direction, air temperature, relative humidity, sea level pressure, salinity, visibility, speed, course and latitude and longitude, increase the amount of offshore observations, automatic display of meteorological parameters. At the same time, the observation data can be sent to the ocean monitoring and forecasting center through the mature and stable 3G and Beidou satellite network, to meet the needs of the ocean forecast and information processing department for the observation data of the offshore and oceanic waters. Based on the storage and statistics of marine meteorological data, it is of great significance for us to observe the ocean environment, to study the ocean, to develop the ocean and to make use of the ocean.


    System main function

    . The wind, pressure, temperature, humidity, longitude, latitude, speed, heading, observe once every minute.  

    . Using the 3G data communication network, real-time transmission of data per minute observation.  Satellite data upload time can be set.

    . Data acquisition has achieved < Marine hydrometeorological forecast auxiliary specification >. Continuous collection of wind direction, wind speed, air pressure, air temperature, humidity, water temperature, visibility, longitude, latitude, speed, heading and other observation data. To deal with the real time data collected, generate a unified data file of the State Oceanic Administration observation network,  through the 3G VPDN line and satellite uploaded to the provincial ocean monitoring and forecasting center data center.

    . The data receiving and processing software of provincial monitoring and forecasting center combined with GIS Technology. Managers through the client, according to the permissions granted and password, can very convenient in the office to see the corresponding meteorological data and ship track etc.

    . All measurement data storage  can store 10 years, stored data can be read out on the working computer of the ship management station, and according to the relevant provisions and requirements for data processing.

    . Energy saving system: It has the functions of automatic energy saving and low energy consumption, can automatically close the display and some idle equipment, such as the display backlight off time can be set.

    . Power supply mode: Volunteer ship observation equipment using 24 V DC power supply,  it can adapt to the voltage range of 13 to 40 Volts, to meet the system requirements.

    The basic configuration

    Collector : Data collector

    Sensor: Wind speed, wind direction, air temperature, air humidity, atmospheric pressure, course (According to the customer needs to select the corresponding sensor, such as visibility sensor)

    Digital interface: Pulse counting, I/O, RS-232, RS-485, USB, SD card slot etc.

    Analog interface: A/D

    Communication: 3G/ Beidou satellite / maritime satellite

    Power supply system: DC 12 ~ 30V, AC 220V, solar cell

    Software installation disk: Meteorological software installation disk.

    Sensor parameters

    Name measuring range Resolving power Accuracy
    Wind sensor 0~100m/s 0.01m/s ±2% @12m/s
    Wind sensor 0~360º ±3°@12m/s
    Air temperature sensor -40~+60℃ 0.1℃ ±0.3℃
    Air humidity sensor 0~100%RH 0.1%RH ±3%
    Pressure sensor 800~1100hPa 0.1hPa ±0.2hPa
    course 0°~360° 0.1° ±0.5°
    visibility 10m-20km 1m(≤1km)

    ±10%(10m-10km range)

    ±15%(10km-20km range)

    Instrument terminal:

    Terminal real-time data interface:

    Software real time data interface:

    Customer case:

    Zhejiang ocean and Fishery Bureau

    Ningbo marine environmental monitoring center

    North Sea Branch of State Oceanic Administration

    South China Sea Branch of State Oceanic Administration

    Sales network:

    Through the Internet, customer reputation, acquaintances, WeChat, telephone contact and other ways to promote products.

    Sales service information:

    Product color page, product manuals, common troubleshooting.