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Smart Meteorology Smart Meteorology +
Advanced Weather Redar System Supplier in China

Smart Meteorology uses a modernized scientific and technological means, combined with a modular service platform, through the overall management of diversified meteorological data, high-speed transmission and a high degree of sharing to get more direct, more standardized, more intelligent weather information. Therefore, it has a high degree of modernized meteorological comprehensive professional competence, enhances the capability of weather and climate, weather disasters, weather observation, monitoring and forecast. At the same time, we establish smart meteorological big data platform, based on GIS smart meteorology business supporting platform, emergency warning information release unified platform, smart meteorology service platform, totally give overall planning to three sections of "observation, forecasting, and service", coordinate to develop meteorology business, and provide services and technical support for weather, agriculture, forestry, electricity, navigation, transportation, tourism, energy and other industries.