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Wind power forecasting system


Wind power forecasting system is a software which can forecast wind energy and do the correction to forecasting results.It combines the measured and forecast data, together numerical prediction of wind energy, comparative analysis, results show, real-time scheduling and other functions as a whole.Then with data assimilation, dynamic - statistical method, the forecast results are corrected, and finally used for real-time scheduling.

The wind power forecasting system is the core of accurate forecast of wind power generation. It is an effective technical basis for the peak regulation of power system after wind power access. The wind power forecast is very important to the power balance and economic dispatching and equipment safety of the power system. It is an important safeguard means for the safe and grid-connected, efficient use and equipment protection. Wind energy forecast system jointly developed by the China Shipbuilding Industry Group, the first two seventy-four research institute and Nanjing University .


Forecasting in medium term: Day set for the forecast unit.We forecast the day-power to facilitate the determination of a small period of wind energy output one week ahead in normal, so that the fan and other equipment could be maintained and repaired.

Forecasting in short term:Hour set for the forecast unit.We normally forecast the hour-power a couple of hours in advance,it’s easy to balance the power grid and reasonable operation scheduling to ensure the quality of power supply, so it will be the guarantee for the wind farm to participate in the auction.

Forecasting in ultra short term:Minute set for the forecast unit.We usually take a few minutes or a few hours in advance to forecast, it always used to control the wind turbines and prevent the destruction of the blade from bad weather.


Forecasting time:Ultra short term/short term/medium term;

Spatial Resolution:100-1000m;

Accuracy of Forecasting Wind Field:speed±1m/s,direction±15 degree;

Deviation of Forecasting Wind Energy:less than 20% in short term;less 15% in ultra short term;

System Framework

Product Display

Deviation Statistics Function

Short Forecasting Function

Wind Direction Contradistinction Rose Chart

Wind Direction Contradistinction Histogram

Equipment Composition

Wind Tower and Server Site Deployment

System Operation

Monthly Comparison Between Measured and Forecast power

Monthly Accuracy and Pass Rate of Forecast Power 

Have already reached the national standard.

Meteorological Data Validity Detection System


Meteorological Data Validity Detection System uses New Generation Doppler Weather Radar Network raw data, based on quality control, grid interpolation, cloud classification and quantitative precipitation estimation methods, to obtain the radar estimated hourly precipitation. According to the established evaluation model, by comparing the hourly precipitation of the regional auto-station and the radar estimated hourly precipitation, the system detects the validity of the hourly precipitation of the regional auto-station.

The system can help to improve the accuracy and fine level of weather forecast, as well as the level of warning management of disaster weather and the ability of disaster mitigation and prevention of weather modification. Moreover, the system can contribute to the improvement of the development of regional auto-station. When obtaining the high accurate, spatial resolution real-time observation data, the system can enhance the precision and accuracy of the data, which can greatly enhance the monitoring ability of weather system, especially the meso-and-micro scale weather system and the disaster weather system.


The rain gauge data of regional auto-station is important evidence to reflect real-time precipitation accurately, however, there are some precipitation measurement errors in actual use. The weather radar can detect precipitation information of large spatial area with high temporal and spatial resolution. The change of radar echo can monitor the development of meso-and-micro scale weather system effectively, especially can help determine the germination and movement of convective precipitation centers, and the radar echo is a good indicator for microscale heavy precipitation structure. Therefore, using radar estimated hourly precipitation to assist regional auto-station hourly precipitation quality control, this system can improve the ability of regional auto-station hourly precipitation quality control in meso-and-micro scale heavy precipitation system.


System Framework

Product Exhibition

The result of data validity detection

The result of radar quantitative precipitation estimation

The query of data validity detection result details

The information of accumulated temperature

The information of accumulated precipitation

The Operation of the System

Six stations are selected to compare the hourly precipitation of the regional auto-station and the radar estimated hourly precipitation, and the results show they have good correlation.

Intelligent meteorological disasters emergency service system

In order to effectively prevent and reduce natural disasters and the losses it caused, protect people's lives and property, and maintain social stability, PRIDe meteorological disaster emergency service system sets up a modernized meteorological disaster emergency management platform which integrates meteorological elements detection, disaster information acquisition, early warning announcement display, and unified deployment of emergency incidents. Thus enhancing quick-response ability and scientific decision-making level of coping with meteorological emergencies. 

System Architecture