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Weather Radar Serialization
  • 724XDM Pulse Doppler Weather Radar

    724XDM Pulse Doppler Weather Radar


    724XDM pulse Doppler weather radar product is based on the transformation of military radar technology.

    2.Products specifications

    (1)System parameters

    .Frequency:X Band(Wavelength: 3.2cm)。

    .Detection Range:


    Elevation:-2°~ +62°(expanded to -2°~ +92° as clients desired);

    Maxi range:

    power mode100km;

    speed mode:25km or 50km;

    speed range:±48m/s or ±24m/s

    .Detection resolution






    .Data terminal

    VA、VVP、Wind speed profile, PPI, RHI, Mesoscale storm, hit down suddenly and violently flow, strong wind shear, Tornado, wind, detection, identification, alarm function.

    .Remote Terminal

    It based on high-speed local area network computer terminals.

    (2)  Operation mode

  • 724XD Pulse Doppler Weather Radar

    724XD Pulse Doppler Weather Radar

    1.Characteristics of products

    (1)General specifications

    Long distance, speed range, high precision;

    Display and control with networked software, convenient operation and use;

    A wealth of meteorological products software, can build strength, speed, bandwidth, and other meteorological products;

    High resolution color display, providing three dimensional scanned images and digital map functions;

    High digitalization and reliability.

    (2)Technique specifications

    High quality coaxial magnetron transmitter;

    Low ripple power supply and reliable high frequency inverter power solid state modulator;

    Novel digital phase frequency harmonic correction and IF sampling and digital phase technology;

    Dual-frequency digital signal processing and data processing technology and PPP;

    Automatic calibration and self-test (BIT) technology.

    2.System parameters

    Frequency:X Band(Wavelength: 3.2cm)

    (1)Detection Range:


    Elevation:-2°~ +62°(expanded to -2°~ +92° as clients desired);

    Maxi range:

    strength mode: 300km;

    speed mode:150km or 75km;

    speed range:±48m/s or ±24m/s

  • 724XSP-E all solid-state and phase-coherent Doppler weather radar

    724XSP-E all solid-state and phase-coherent Doppler weather radar

    Main Function and Application

    Based on the technologies of the 724XD pulse Doppler weather radar, the 724XSP-E all solid-state and phase-coherent Doppler weather radar and relevant military radars, in view of the new requirements of weather modification and emergency guarantee in the radar weather detection field, in accordance with or higher than the requirement in X band Phase-coherent and IF Coherent Doppler Weather Radar Functional Specifications(TRIAL), the existing mature technologies and research achievements are used, and the radar is innovatively designed with the adoption of modern radar overall design thought and advanced technical methods. It is a phase-coherent Doppler radar with the adoption of pulse compression system based on the solid-state transmitter. It further improves the detection accuracy and quality of weather target elaboration (phase and size) and fast-change characteristics, to satisfy the requirements of weather modification and emergency guarantee, as well as replenishing netting requirement of national weather radar net, to conform to the future development trend. 724XSP-E all solid-state and phase-coherent dual-polarization Doppler weather radar is suitable for the vehicle (ship) borne and fixed station installation, and now mainly applicable in the short-time weather accurate forecasting, emergency weather guarantee and weather modification.

    Main Technical Specifications

    Operating Frequency Range:9000-9800MHz

    Intensity detection range: ≥ 240km and ≥ 120km

    Bearing scanning range:0°~ 360°

    Elevation scanning range: -2°~ +100°

    Intensity detection range: -15 ~ +70dBZ

    Velocity detection range: ±96m/s

    Spectrum-width detection range: 0 ~ 16m/s

    Intensity measurement accuracy: 1dBz

    Velocity measurement accuracy: 1m/s

    Spectrum-width measurement accuracy: 1m/s

    Angle measurement accuracy: 0.1°

    Range measurement accuracy: 48m

    Reflectivity difference(Zdr): 0.2dB

    Mean time between failures (MTBF) ≥ 5000 hours

    Mean time to repair (MTTR) ≤ 0.5 hour.

    Environmental conditions :1.Outdoor equipment Temperature: -20℃-+65℃

    Relative humidity: 95%-98% (+30℃)

    Power supply: 1) Rated voltage: AC 220V (1±10%)

             2) Rated frequency: 50Hz (1±5%)

    System composition

    The 724XSP-E radar is required to compose of the antenna and feeder, solid-state TR module, rotary platform and servo, signal processor and terminal display, and the composition is shown in Figure 1. 

    Figure 1.  Composition diagram of 724XSP-E all solid-state and phase-coherent dual-polarization Doppler weather radar

Laser Radar Serialization
  • 724LR-B Cloudy Aerosol Laser Radar

    724LR-B Cloudy Aerosol Laser Radar

    No. Items  Performance parameters
    1 Observation mode All day automatic continuous observation
    2 *Laser wavelength Dual- wavelength(532nm、355nm);
    3 Receiving channel Three receiving channel:
    1 (355nm) receiving channel;
    1 (532nm) polarization channel and depolarization channel(splitting ratio ≥200:1);
    3D scanning mode
    4 Time resolution 1min(tunable)
    5 Space distance resolution 7.5m;15m or the multiple
    6 *Detection height Under clear air,daytime≥5km,night≥10km
    7 *Blind zone range ≤100m
    8 Receiving telescope aperture 200mm
    9 光电探测器 PMT
    10 Detection linear sampling ratio 20MHz
    11 Electronic signal collector ADC
    12 Sampling rate or counting rate ≥20MHz
    13 Data sampling dynamic range ≥96dB
  • 724LR-A all Optical Doppler Laser Radar

    724LR-A all Optical Doppler Laser Radar

    1.Product characteristics

    (1)Long distance detection, large speed measured range, and high accuracy;

    (2)Network control and display software with easy operation;

    (3)Abundant meteorological products, with velocity and spectrum products;

    (4)With 3D scanning functions, offering 3D scanning image;

    (5)Reliable all optical laser transmitter; 

    (6)High ratio of price and performance all optical receiver;

    (7)Light weight, less energy consumption, easily mobile;

    (8)Automatic monitoring alarm functions in radar.


    2.Functions parameters


    No Items Parameters
    1 Transmitted wavelength 1.55µm (safe for eyes, not visible)
    2 Pulse width 100ns、200ns、400ns and 1us variable
    3 Wind velocity measurable range 0~60m/s
    4 Wind velocity measurable accuracy Speed 0.1m/s,Direction: 0.1°
    5 Detection range 80m~4000m
    6 Distance resolution (radius) 15m/30m/set by software
    7 Servo scanning accuracy ±0.1°
    8 Work temperature -30℃ ~50℃
    9 Weight <80kg
    10 Data products Horizontal wind velocity, vertical wind velocity, wind direction, radius direction wind velocity, PPI/RHI/CAPPI,backscatter strength, local temperature, air pressure, relative humidity 
    11 3D scanning Horizontal scanning 0~360 degree,vertical scanning -10~90 degree,scanning accuracy 0.1 degree; scanning step length:Maxi length is 30 degree per second(clients can set by themselves),accuracy is 0.1 degree per second; scanning methods:Recycling, elevation or shear scan.

    724LR-A all optical Doppler laser radar

    are as follows:

    Development platform: WINDOWS2000/NT/XP/WIN7;

    Development tool: VC++6.0、PlayCase、SourceSafe;;

    Software support platform: WINDOWS2000/NT/XP/WIN7.

    The requirements of software development and hardware operating environment are as follows:

    CPU: i5 4 cores @2.0GHz or above;

    Memory: 4GB or above;

    Display: Memory over 1GB graphics card, support 2048×1920 resolution or above;

    Hard disk: 500G or above;

    Network: Gigabit NIC, TCP/IP protocol.

    Communication protocol and format

    UDP protocol for communication:

    Data type Port Direction Remarks
    Radar output data 1999 Cabinet→ Terminal By broadcast
    Radar status information 2001 Signal processing→ Terminal
    Terminal control command 2000 Signal processing→ Cabinet

    Data format:

    Signal processing output data;

    Radar status information format;

    Terminal control command format.